Kodi on Nintendo Wii

KodiWanting to watch a movie or TV shows but finding difficulty in finding the preferred one on the internet.  Are you switching between multiple apps and not satisfied with the customization that it offers. Don’t worry. You are not alone, there are many friends who have faced this issue. For all the problems we have an excellent app, which solves it’s nothing but Kodi.

Kodi is an independent and open source app which is developed by the user all around the globe and it is available in all the platforms around the devices, and you can use Kodi to play and stream movies and TV shows in the market.

Kodi is quite different from the other apps which are available for entertainment because, those are just app with playback and downloading functionality but Kodi is an ultimate entertainment media center which has many features built right into the app and it’s is used to play any kind of Movie format and produces excellent quality for content with minim resource management.

Kodi is one among few payers that provides support for the 4K playback without any lags. Kodi also acts as a tool to get the content from different platforms and then run into on the player via Add-ons. Add-on is developed any disturbed by many Kodi developer around the world and they stream Movies, TV shows and even Live TV with the help of features built on the app.

Is Kodi on Nintendo Wii Available?

As of now the direct support of Kodi is not enabled in the Wii devices.

So here is a workaround.

You need to connect the Wii, Kodi installed smartphone to the same Wi-Fi network.

If you don’t have Kodi on a smartphone. you can get it for Android, iOS and Windows.

Then go to the device and stream the movie to the Wii player.

Other supported platforms: