Best Kodi Addons

KodiKodi is a media software which was originally made for Xbox to play videos and was known as the Xbox Media Center but with time, this has evolved and in the year 2014 Kodi took on the entire media streaming market. Today you can install Kodi and use your gaming devices such as Xbox, Playstation and many more and stream on that with the help of Kodi. The Kodi software is very easy to install and use as it has very simple functions. The Kodi application itself has many functions as there are skins and a user can also make their own personalised skins and share them via different platforms. Kodi runs on all the top operating systems there are in today’s market.

Kodi as all the applications are, is not completely perfect but to fill that hole there are several Addons that Kodi provides. All the users have different needs and expectations while using the application.So to make their experience effortless there are several Addons. Some of them which are very popular among the users are as follows.

Best Kodi Addons

  • USTV Now – USTV Now is an app which lets users to watch the american channels on their device. Almost all American channels are available here. Moreover, users can find some other countries’ channels as well. It is compatibile with Kodi, Android, iOS, Windows and Roku.
  • Plex – Plex is an app that allows media streaming to any size of the screen. The app organises the media of the device and make them available to stream on any device. It brings various podcasts, web shows, music videos and audios, etc from various sources. The app is compatible with kodi and many other platforms.
  • ESPN Player – ESPN player allows streaming of on demand sports videos. The player provides 24/7 streaming of three sports channels- SEC Network, Longhorn Network & ESPNU. The users can watch any sports here which may include college football, college hoop, X Games, Little league world series etc.
  • Spoticmc – Spotify is the most popular app for music. To stream the content of Spotify, Spoticmc is used on Kodi as an add on. It has a simple interface which makes it usage easy. To use it, users would need to login into their Spotify account and give its access to Spoticmc.
  • Apple iTunes Podcast – Apple iTunes Podcast add on helps in browsing thousands of podcasts for free of cost. Users would not need iTunes for it. It allows users to search the podcasts by name. About 60 genres of podcasts are available which can be browse.

These are some of the Best Kodi Addons as per the ratings and some of the Kodi Addons which are dominating the market You can use Free VPN to access Kodi in restricted areas.

Addons supported on Leia and Krypton.