Best Kodi Addons

KodiKodi is a media software which was originally made for Xbox to play videos and was known as the Xbox Media Center but with time, this has evolved and in the year 2014 Kodi took on the entire media streaming market. Today you can install Kodi and use your gaming devices such as Xbox, Playstation and many more and stream on that with the help of Kodi. The Kodi software is very easy to install and use as it has very simple functions. The Kodi application itself has many functions as there are skins and a user can also make their own personalised skins and share them via different platforms. Kodi runs on all the top operating systems there are in today’s market.

Kodi as all the applications are, is not completely perfect but to fill that hole there are several Addons that Kodi provides. All the users have different needs and expectations while using the application.So to make their experience effortless there are several Addons. Some of them which are very popular among the users are as follows.

Best Kodi Addons

  • Exodus.
    • The Exodus Kodi Addon is best known for its up to date listings of movies, shows and all the categorised lists.
  • Covenant.
    • Covenant Kodi Addon is a substitute for the Exodus Addon and does all the same stuff as it is introduced by the same company.
  • Gurzil.
    • As for the Gurzil addon, when the Exodus Addon stopped working. This Addon became insanely popular among the Kodi users.
  • Uranus.
    • Uranus Kodi Addon nearly shut down the use of the famous Elysium Kodi Addon, as it made streaming of movies and the TV Shows effortless.

These are some of the Best Kodi Addons as per the ratings and some of the Kodi Addons which are dominating the market with these are Poseidon, Electra Vault, Neptune Rising, Not Sure, Cartoon 8, Crazy, Netflix, Plex, Chronos, Electra Vault. Neptune Rising. You can use Free VPN to access Kodi in restricted areas.

Addons supported onĀ Leia and Krypton.