Download Kodi Leia (v18)

KodiKodi is an online media streaming center which holds a lot of content available for the users to stream. Kodi was launched in 2004 and it became famous due to the various restriction that came into the streaming world. Kodi is available on all major platform and it includes Windows, iOS, and Linux and the major support is Android.

Kodi was famous because it can be installed in the setup boxes and it helps users to get the endless load of content from the app and through different add-ons that provide the stream for sports and other on-demand videos absolutely for free.

Kodi community is evolving at a great phase and there are hundreds of developer in and around the world, contributing to the development of Kodi, making it to a great platform for viewing content.

The latest version of Kodi is v18 that is Leia. It includes a lot of support features.

  1. Kodi Leia will bring the Xbox support for the user.
  2. The new revamped music player gets good design and gathers the data.
  3. Leia has standardized Android code making it more stable for the users.
  4. Kodi management has been a tweak, you can easily control the app with remote and voice commands also work well with the Kodi.

Download Kodi Leia (v18):

If you are using the older version of Kodi, you can easily install the Leia version with easy, as there are no much things required.

  1. Download Kodi Leia >> Android // iOS // Xbox One.
  2. You will find the link to get the app downloaded to the device.
  3. Once the app is downloaded it can be installed on the device.
  4. After installing, make the required setting for running the app.
  5. All set, you can seamlessly stream the TV shows and movies directly from the app.