Download Kodi for Windows

There are lots of entertainment apps available for mobile devices like android or iOS. However, it is really difficult to find something helpful or worth trying for Windows either PC or phone. But now you don’t need to worry as Kodi is out.

Kodi is considered as the entertainment hub which carries lots of amazing movies, TV shows, web series, and music for you. It also allows users to watch Live TV and even to record it. You can also turn Kodi into a slideshow by uploading your photos using remote control.

Our today’s article is purely based on the tutorial and download guide where I will be sharing a steps to download Kodi for Windows.

Kodi for Windows

Here are the simple steps which user is supposed to follow to download Kodi for their Windows devices either desktop or smartphone. Let’s get started.

  • Download Kodi for Windows.
  • Ones the page is properly loaded, then you need to scroll down until you see various devices’ names and icons.
  • From devices’ names and icons, you need to click on Windows icon
  • It will pop-up some instructions, follow as asked and it will start the downloading process. You need to wait until it gets downloaded on your device.
  • Ones it is downloaded, you will be able to see this on your homescreen or incase of computers, inside the Windows store.
  • Enjoy your entertainment package.


This was our complete Kodi for Windows guide and I am sure it would have been proven helpful for many of the users out there. If you are facing trouble then do share your problems in the comment’s box, I shall help you fix them as soon as possible.

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