Download Kodi 15.0-BETA2

KodiKodi is a software designed on an open platform which is used as a media player. People from all around the world use Kodi 15.0-BETA2 to stream media online. Developed by XMBC Foundation, Kodi 15.0-BETA2 has remained immensely popular since its launch. The app is available on all the platforms. One can stream music, videos and audio in Kodi 15.0-BETA2. What makes this app more special is the fact that it allows the users to customize the app. If you like watching movies, TV series and other videos online, then Kodi 15.0-BETA2 is for you.

Kodi 15.0-BETA2 has increased its usability by allowing third-party add-ons in it. These third-party add-ons allow you to watch a whole range of new things without paying any subscription fee. In this post, we will first discuss the features of Kodi 15.0-BETA2 and then we will you how you can download and install Kodi 15.0-BETA2 on your Android smartphone.

Features of Kodi 15.0-BETA2

Kodi 15.0-BETA2 is popular among the users because of the impressive features that it possesses. Following are the important features of Kodi 15.0-BETA2:

  • The software is available for use in all the platforms. These platforms are Android, Mac OS, Windows, iOS, Rasperry Pi and Linux.
  • One can enjoy movies, music, TV shows and photos in Kodi 15.0-BETA2.
  • The users can customize the app according to their preference.
  • You can record your favorite video to watch it later offline.
  • Online media streaming can be enjoyed for free.
  • It is designed on open source.
  • A variety of third-party add-ons are available in Kodi 15.0-BETA2 which allows the users to enjoy broad range of content in a language of their choice.

Now that you know the features of Kodi 15.0-BETA2, let me tell you how you can have it on your device.

Download Kodi 15.0-BETA2

Due to the strict privacy policy of Google Play Store, it is not available in the official store. However, you can still download Kodi 15.0-BETA2 on your Android smartphone by following the steps given below.

  1. Go to “Settings” and enable “Unknown Sources”.
  2. Download Kodi 15.0-BETA2
  3. Tap on the downloaded file.
  4. Open it and then tap on “Install”. Tapping on install will give all the necessary permissions to Kodi.
  5. Wait for the installation process to be completed.

After the installation process is completed, tap on the icon of the app to launch the app and enjoy free media content.

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