Kodi Leia v18 Update: DRM Plans are still on!

KodiRevelations have been made about the second Alpha version of Kodi. Sources have revealed that the v18 will support DRM in Kodi and the software developers are positive about it. Many people are shocked about this recent development because Kodi has left its mark as a streaming software that enables piracy. However, it’s time for the truth now. Kodi developers are now aiming to provide software that is completely neutral. Few developers have chosen to design add-ons, so that, the users can access the pirated content through it, but Kodi is trying a different route.

The developers of Kodi are trying to build add-ons which will provide a legal way to access the DRM-enabled content. It will similar to the purchases that you do in iTunes and the way users stream in Netflix.  It was in 2017 that it was first announced that the Kodi team is trying to develop and build DRM support. Since then many add-ons were developed except for DRM support and finally the time here when one would be able to use the DRM support.

The DRM support will come very handy for the users. Instead of jumping from one streaming app to another to see different content, with the DRM support, you will be able to access all the content through the Kodi software. This will ensure that the user-interface of the software is enhanced.

What is the other development of Kodi?

DRM is not the only feature which has been added as a part of Alpha 2 release. The Windows, Android, Xbox One and Linux version of Kodi have also received the updates and improvements. This includes improvement in music playback. Apart from that, the focus of Live TV has increased recently in the software. The Kodi developers are trying to develop the USB tuners to make the video play in a simple manner. The most impressive development of all is the improvement in the core video playback. The video playback now supports 4K, 8K and HDR content.



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