Fix Pair Error

TheVideo me Vidup me TVAd meWhenever we search for something online to stream or download we are facing some issues, these may be like URL block, blank pages, and some authorization to continue to the next page and etc. You will need to bypass or solve these types of error in order to get to the system to watch the TV shows and movie online.

The same rule applies here to the Kodi player too, all the streaming and movie downloaded are moving from a different server on the internet. These kind of server are available for the entire world to get the content delivered to the system. Since a lot of people are actively using the system, there needs to be some sort of authorization levels to control it from abuse such as bots and other automatic tools wasting the bandwidth in the network, thereby making inconvenience for the users.

What is Pair Error?

The content in the add-ons is delivered by sites like Vidup, openload and etc.

So when are trying to download one movie from the application, it will forward you the link for the file that is available in above platforms.

This pairing is a process to authorize that the traffic is coming from the original IP address and it is not spamming the system.

How to Fix Pair:

  1. To solve this error, you need to validate the IP address of the network and then authorize the stream for video.
  2. Once you have authorized it will be valid for 4 hours.
  3. Go to the link that is appearing in the pop-up.
  4. It will display the IP address of the internet and will be given with the authorize button to start the process.
  5. If the browser is not available in the device you can authorize we other devices in the same network.
  6. That’s it you after authorization, the stream will be working good.