Install Exodus Addon on Kodi

KodiKodi is a well known online streaming media center, it holds a good amount of plugins and add-ons to support its platform. It provides a way for the user to install the addons in the Kodi platform and get the content via it.

Thus, making it open for the developers to enrich the functionality that the Kodi offers.

One of such kind of application is Exodus Addon, that is available for the Kodi and host a wide range of Video, Music, TV, and movies streaming support. There where few rumors that the development of this add-on is stopped but its one of very few one in the market that has a wide range of support and has a good number of developers working on it, So it can be installed to get further updates in the near future without any doubt.

How to Install Exodus Addon on Kodi?

  1. Navigate to Kodi dashboard via Remote.
  2. In the panel, you will have the Setting icon and then choose System Setting in the option.
  3. Note: In add-on, we have to enable the installation from the Unknown sources to install the add-ons.
  4. Navigate to the File manager and choose Add button.
  5. Then it will have the option to choose the source and click None.
  6. In order to begin the installation, you need to type the following URL in it.
  7. Then go back to the Add-on manager, click on the Browser.
  8. Choose the Installation from the Zip file.
  9. Select the file from the list that is displayed.
  10. Select
  11. Now click on the repository => video addon => and finally you will have Install button.
  12. Once the Install button is marked, you will be able to get the app downloaded on the device.
  13. After few minutes the message box will be displayed with the confirmation message.