Download Kodi for ChromeCast

Kodi is an open source media application that helps you watch TV shows, movies, Live TV and all video related content on the device. In the first Kodi started an Xbox player and due to its popularity, many developers supported it and now its available on all the platform.

Chromecast is Google’s media streaming devices that lets you to stream content from one device to other in the connected ecosystem. Say you can stream a youtube video from your smartphone to the big screen TV in the living room.

So here is a detailed guide on Installing and using Kodi in Chromecast.

In order to stream the video content to target device, you would need to have the Chromecast device connected to the HDMI port of the device and connect it to the same network as of your smartphone or PC.

Download Kodi for Windows:

  1. You need to download and install Kodi for Windows to use it via Chrome cast.
  2. After downloading the file, you need to install the application the PC.

Using Chromecast with Kodi on Windows.

  1. You would need to have Google Chrome installed on the PC. If not you can download and Install it from here.
  2. You would need to have Google ChromeCast extension installed.
  3. Now click on the Chromecast extension icon the top right corner menu bar.
  4. Choose Cast Entire Screen option in the list.
  5. Now your entire desktop will be casting to the big screen and you can open the Kodi and you will be able to watch the favorite TV shows via it.

Using Chromecast with Android Device.

  1. You need to have the Kodi app on the android device.
  2. Click link to Download Kodi for Android.
  3. To stream from Android device, you need to have the Google cast application on the device.
  4. You can download the Google cast app from the Play store.
  5. Now open the Google cast application and choose Cast Screen /audio.
  6. You have to choose the device to which the chromecast is connect and you will able to get the   smartphone screen on the Big screen.
  7. Now, minimize the app and open Kodi app.
  8. You scroll through the Kodi app and watch the required videos on it.